What is the Dark Web? How to access Dark Web Websites

Today’s article is a very interesting article. We all use the internet for different reasons, some people use it as a Timepass and some use it for their work. But do you know we use only 4 % internet, yes you read it right because 96% internet isn’t accessible through standard Browsers. Have you heard these words before Dark Web and Deep Web, this is where all the 96 % Internet is but you can not access it through your browsers. The dark web has its Dark Web Websites which we cant access from Google or Bing.

What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web is defined as “the portion of the Internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines and it is accessible only with a special web browser. The dark web concept is achievable with the help of some tools like Tor and 12P. The dark Web is popular for Black Market and User protection. It has both negative and positive aspects. Dark Web ensures user’s privacy by hiding server and IP details from the public. Dark Web requires a special kind of software to access its Dark Web Websites. Once you get access to the web then you can access all its services and websites.

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Types of things on Dark Web

You can actually buy credit cards and also Fake Passports. Dark Web sites sell this in bulks at lower prices. There is a website called ” Fake Document Services ” which claims to sell fake passports and documents. You will also get stolen Netflix accounts at very low prices. don’t have any college degree? you can also buy a college degree from Dark Web. We don’t believe in ghosts and evil spirits in this world but Dark web sells dead child soul isn’t it strange?. You can hire Contract Killer on it. There are a lot more things on Dark Web which is illegal on our Internet.

How to access Dark Web and Dark Web Websites?

After reading all this you definitely want to access it right? I will tell you how to access it safely. It’s very easy to access the dark web. because you just need a dark web browser to access it. Download the dark web browser like the tor browser and you off to go. However, finding the content you are looking for on the Dark Web is more difficult than search it on Google. Dark web sites don’t have an index or ranking system which help you find what you need. There are such things as Hidden Wiki which offers some guidance to the content on it which includes illegal websites.

[Note: I am not providing download links of tor browser and dark web websites. ]

Why do Dark Web and Dark Web Websites exists?

Deep web helps you to protect your personal information which you don’t want to share with anyone. Dark web hides and server and IP details from the people. Peoples are very serious about their personal information. What you do on the Dark Web cannot be tracked and traced. Dark Web runs on the principle of total anonymity.

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