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About Pumika 5853 Applications

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you will be very well, well, well, today you have come again with a wonderful application for all of you, whose name is friends pumika ji 5853 active contact app, which friends this A very wonderful application and many friends have come completely new in the market. And if all of you were in tension about money in life, then all of you leave the tension because I have come to give tips to all of you, I keep giving tips to all of you and this The tips that I am giving are also very wonderful and amazing.

Documents required for account creation

Friends, if we talk about an important document for creating an account in the application of this table, then friends, all the same documents which have been issued by the government, like Aadhaar card, PAN card, both the documents are very important, on the basis of these two, you will have to You will be able to do all the work because the friend ring application is not an application for anyone, friends, it is a very real youth application, so it will also take all your documents so that you do not do any kind of work, that is why all your original documents Well, if you are taking all the people, then the photo is your original Aadhaar or PAN card, they will not come to you to take something like this, but you will definitely have to take a photo and paste it.

How to create account step by step

Friends, all of you people must have prepared the documents completely, it is expected and friends, now it is the turn of all of you to create a good step by step account in this and if all of you create an account in State Bank If you are right, otherwise you will be able to create such a duplicate account, but all of you will make it step by step so that all of you will get more benefit from this, to make friends, all of you will have to give your name, your mobile number and the necessary documents. You have to put it and your account will be created properly. If you put as many documents as you have told, then you will be benefited.

About the owner of the application

Friends, first of all people ask that after all who is the owner of this application and where to get the application, how to get it, then friends, let me tell you the name of the owner of this application is Dhirendra Gupta, who is a gentleman and a wonderful man of 10 days. To say that I help the poor and laborers and to do the same, I have made this application, through this application, more and more help is given to the poor laborers, I have done this application myself, I also know Come on, I thought about this application and after going to find out, the application came out very well, so I thought why not bring a good article for all of you and if you are also told, then I will write this article. have been

date of payment

Friends, if you talk about the date of getting the payment, then friends, you will get the payment on 28th of every month or not, whether it comes in the last of the month, friends, all of you do not have to take tension of money, first of all you have to keep working, if the work If you keep doing it, you will get paid one day or the other, because there are not many applications that will go away after killing all your money, thousands of people like you are working in this and all people are working well. And everyone is also getting benefit. must read the article once

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