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Hello friends from my side, friends, if I tell you, all of you will be able to earn a lot of money sitting at home, and if you share it in the group etc., then you can believe it, all the rest of you will not believe me. Today I have brought an application for all of you How to make money anandi singh 96358 contact app There is such an application named Anandi ji Singh, which is the messiah of the poor and the unemployed for all of you sitting at home. A lot of information will be given from here and all of you will be able to earn a lot of money from here.

where to get the application

Ganesh, all of you people will have to speak the application first, which is not so easy to find the application, tell people you are looking for yourself, which if you read this post completely and you will get it, I will tell you how but yes, this method is absolutely correct, you must have written the application somewhere in this post of mine, where you are clicking and you will get a video file, which is to download this PDF file, as soon as the video file is shared with each other. You will download, then you will be asked to go and install directly, you can install this application without any problem.

I want to tell you that you should not take any kind of problem, immediately install your application because your application is not a fake application, in this you keep getting complete information and all of you people do not have any kind of information in it. You will never see any loss, this is my guarantee, if you watch daily, you can also abuse me by commenting on my post, but there is nothing like this, the application is very good, I have used it myself.

Application account creation information

If I tell all of you about this application, how is it possible for all of you to create an account in August, first of all you have to open this application, after opening, you will be asked for whatever permission, etc. you give. Allow all the permissions, you will ask for the location, you have to turn it on, don’t do that too, it will not work for you, because until you will not be able to take it together, it is not going to become an umbrella. Now let’s go to the method of creating an account. telling

To create an account, first of all you will be asked for a name, which is your real name, you have to put it and after the name, all of you will ask for your date of birth, you have not filled the date of birth, after that an email from all of you or Will ask for mobile number, which you have to enter email and mobile number, you have to enter it because your vomit will also come on it and your account will be verified through OTP, by doing this your account will also be a victim. will get

How to add bank account in application

In this application, I have created an account etc. and if I have earned money, how will it come out of your account or from Google itself, if you do not know how to add an account, then let us tell you some important documents to add an account. What should be done through which your account will be able to be added, it is not such a normal thing that your account will be added. That’s why I am telling you to read completely, only then you will be able to understand everything.

Documents required for account linking

There are some important documents to take your earned money into your account, through which money is given to you, then what are the 10 important documents to add to your account?

  1. It is very important for you to have a bank account number, we will tell you this in advance.
  2. If you do not know the swift code of the bank, then you will be able to extract the code online only, if you are not able to extract it, then you can search by going to YouTube or Google.
  3. IFSC code or it is also very important, your IFSC code is also going to be entered in it, without this you will not be able to process any further.
  4. These were just some of your important documents which you have to prepare completely and if all of you prepare them then your work is done, still if you are facing any problem then you must definitely contact me. Tell us in the comment box, we try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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